Monday, May 09, 2005

Welcome to my life

A woman who has essentially become my mother this year inspired me to begin a blog of my own. I used to write in journals quite frequently and found it to be a relaxing outlet for my many over-dramatized feelings during the difficult years of middle school. Since I entered high school, I no longer found a need for that since I had become in some respects "emotionally stable", and was nothing but content with my new life, and most importantly, myself. Things were bliss for 3 1/2 years of high school. I hit a speed bump here and there, but things like my parent's divorce were easliy coped with since my new and first boyfriend arrived on the scene. For 2 full years we were inseperable and he got me through some tough times. We had our problems like any other stupid high school romance, but we were both so in love that we overcame them all. Until a little over 2 months ago when my perfect world slowly came crashing down around me. He, a week after our 2 year anniversary, out of nowhere with no warning, left me for a girl who had been obsessed with him since we started going out. After that my life was quickly shot to hell. I was kicked off the tennis team (my only outlet and passion at the time) because I refused to go out with my coach. Administation got "involved" but he still works there, so I dont consider that "involvement" enough. Next, my grandmother went in for a routine check-up one day and two days later she was in th O.R. for ovarian cancer and is currently undergoing chemo. And then there is the ongoing "are mom and dad getting back together?" "does mom hate dad again?" drama that I am always in the middle of. And now I have two weeks until I graduate, and am facing my last week of high school. My mind is forever buzzing. There's always something to stress about.
So this will be my life online. Somedays I may use it to tell about my day or w/e, but other days I will probably just vent about whats happened in the past so that I can move on from it. Your feedback (good or bad) is appreciated and welcomed.
Here goes nothing.....


Blogger seaslover said...

Ahhh... to live vicariously through the young again :) I've been there and done it all sweetie - you know that :) You will always know where to find me and how to get in touch - keep blogging. Even the stupid stuff like me - it IS relaxing even if you are emotionally stable. Love you!! j

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